3 heating solutions for bathroom remodeling

Do you want to remodel the bathroom? Then think carefully in advance about which heater you choose. Bathroom remodeling is all about the overall look and feel. What colors to choose, what kind of tiles, and the size of the tile. Which bathroom furniture and will you go for a bath, shower, or both? But what uses is a beautiful new bathroom if you still have the old heater in the room? Which is often not powerful enough to heat the bathroom pleasantly?

3 heating solutions for bathroom remodeling

Invest in bathroom remodeling

Bathroom remodeling is an investment you will enjoy for at least 25 years. That is the average lifespan of a bathroom. Because of this longevity, it is also essential to think about the future before you start renovating the bathroom.

Therefore, when you are remodeling a bathroom, also take it into account when you get older. Your heating needs may change or you may need a wheelchair to get around. Is the new bathroom prepared for that? You will appreciate for example a raised toilet, but also a towel heater where you can easily hang and dry your towels. Always warm and dry towels after showering.

Before deciding on the best heating system for a bathroom, it is essential to understand that this space is often different from other rooms in the house. A bathroom is often smaller and has high humidity, which creates the perfect environment for mold if the room is not properly heated and ventilated. On top of that, a bathroom naturally requires higher temperatures. After all, there’s nothing like taking a hot shower at a comfortable room temperature and wrapping yourself in a preheated towel afterward.

Bathroom renovation is the moment for a new heating

A bathroom renovation is the best time to question the heating system and get some ideas for bathroom heating. A bathroom renovation is a right time to make the right choice for a new heating system. A durable and energy-efficient heating system that meets all your needs and heating requirements.

Perhaps you would like a floor heating system right away. You can easily combine it with an electric towel warmer to preheat and dry your towels. An ideal heater for the bathroom, which also provides a quick temperature increase in autumn or spring when the central heating is off.

If underfloor heating is not an option, you can simply replace the existing radiator with a new infrared panel that perfectly matches the new look and feel of the bathroom. Available in beautiful colors and designs, such as a mirror heating on the wall or a white infrared panel on the ceiling. We give you 3 heating ideas for when you are remodeling the bathroom.

3 ideas for bathroom heaters

#1 Multifunctional towel warmer: dry and warm towels

An infrared towel heater is multifunctional. The upper part of the towel heater is pure infrared heating where the temperature rises up to a maximum of 120°C. The lower part of the panel has a drying function for the towels, which reaches a maximum temperature of 70°C.

Thanks to the IP54 class, all bathroom infrared panels are splashproof and therefore safe to use in the bathroom. The electric towel warmer is available in both metal and glass surfaces. Specifically, ESG safety glass. A towel radiator from Infrared Heating gives you a nice warm bathroom and always warm dry towels.

#2 Mirror with heating: never a foggy mirror again

A mirror with heating is the ideal solution for a small square bathroom. The heating panel is only 2 cm thick and therefore space-saving. You hang the bathroom mirror with the heater in the place of the ordinary heater. The mirror surface is light chrome plated. The infrared heating mirror is also available with LED lighting.

The radiant heat from the carbon technology behind the mirror glass prevents fogging of the surface, so your reflection is clearly visible even after showering. Even with increased humidity and water vapor, the infrared heating mirror does not fog up. Therefore, a mirror infrared heater is an ideal solution as new heating when bathroom remodeling.

#3 Ceiling heating: always a warm floor

Do you prefer a ceiling mount in the bathroom? This saves space and the floor also becomes wonderfully warm. It is advisable not to mount the ceiling heating directly above the shower or bath. Any electrical installation should always be at least 60 centimeters from a water source. The advantage of a ceiling heater with infrared radiation is that the floor and walls warm up wonderfully.

Do you choose dark tiles on the floor? Then they keep the infrared heat extra long. You therefore no longer need underfloor heating. A ground heater is more expensive than an infrared panel. The heat from infrared is also much faster and an infrared panel you do not need to let heat up for hours. Within minutes the infrared panels are already nice and warm.

Features infrared bathroom heating

– Space-saving, only 1.8 to 2.2 cm thick.
– Ideal for small spaces.
– Suitable for wall or ceiling mounting.
– Easy installation thanks to the universal wall bracket.
– Easy to clean with a damp cloth.
– Efficient and immediate heat (heating time of a few minutes).
– No maintenance costs.
– Very economical in consumption and can be combined with solar panels.

Want to know more about infrared bathroom heating? Please feel free to contact Infrared Heating. Or come visit one of our showrooms. Our consultants will explain the benefits of this electric heating. Combine infrared heating with solar panels for even higher energy savings.

You can also read more about heat panels in our infrared heating blogs. For example about electric towels, the dryer is indispensable in the bathroom. Also, read our top 10 benefits of heating electricity. Learn more about our sustainable, inexpensive electric heating with infrared radiation.


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