Apple will purchase its first large batch of carbon-free aluminum for the iPhone SE this fall

This comes as Apple announces that it will purchase its first industrial-size batch of carbon-free aluminum for use in its low-cost iPhone SE. It is part of its ongoing efforts to reduce the environmental impact of the metal that it uses extensively in product casings.

Details about the purchase, including its size and cost, were not made public.

According to a recent report, the iPhone maker has been taking steps to reduce its reliance on carbon-intensive metal, which emits direct greenhouse gases during the smelting process and has sparked consumer, activist, and investor dissatisfaction due to its environmental impact.

Apple first purchased a smaller batch of the lab-grown metal from Elysis in 2019, a Montreal-based joint venture between two of the world’s largest aluminum suppliers – Alcoa and Rio Tinto – to test the metal’s performance. It had used metal in its 16-inch MacBook Pro, released earlier this year.

Elysis had initially hoped to commercialize its technology, which uses a ceramic anode to produce aluminum while emitting only oxygen, by 2024, when it first announced its plans.

Source: Easy Ware

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