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People’s lives have become more convenient due to the introduction of instant messaging (IM) apps; however, instant messaging apps, like all other things, have advantages and disadvantages. The benefits of instant messaging apps will be discussed today, and the disadvantages will be discussed in detail in the following article. 

It is simple to use. 

One of the most significant advantages of instant messaging apps is their ease of use; all you have to do is open the UChat app, select the contact you want to communicate with, type what you want to say, and send it out. You can also directly record a voice and send it to the other participants if you do not want to use a computer to type. Using this feature, you can also engage in direct voice or video conversations with other people. 

Although mobile phones can perform the functions mentioned above, why is it more convenient to use instant messaging apps instead of texting? Because the parts mentioned earlier must be implemented through various apps on mobile phones and in instant messaging, we only need to complete these functions in a dialog box to be considered complete. 

UChat applications

Real-time communication 

Getting a response to an email can take anywhere from a few hours to several days, and receiving one in the mail takes at least 48 hours, if not more than that. However, because of the real-time nature of IM, we can achieve a unified completion of delivery and response through the use of IM apps. This unquestionably increases the speed of communication and the efficiency of the workplace. 

It is simple to use. 

A conference call must be scheduled in advance. Everyone is given a phone number to call and a password to enter at a predetermined time. Instant messaging is always available. You can ask anyone to get on IM at any time, as long as they’re available, at your discretion. 

It is also simple to communicate with people not in the exact location. Instead of gathering everyone in the conference room and having them huddled around the speaker box, trying to make out what is being told through the crackling and words cut out, you can use a video conferencing system.

Keep a record of your backtracking. 

The content of conversations is saved in IM apps, just as it is in emails and text messages. Of course, instant messaging (IM) keeps more content, such as images, voices, and text. At the same time, some instant messaging applications (such as our app: UChat) now include a cloud storage feature, which allows users to save content to a cloud storage server. No matter how lost or stolen the device is, any protected content can be retrieved from the cloud disk and transferred to a new appliance. 

Because UChat is an instant messaging application, the instant messaging feature is the most essential application feature. As part of today’s discussion, we’ll look in-depth at the UChat chat function from three perspectives: functional analysis, current operations, and future development. 

Interoperability across multiple platforms 

For information exchange, UChat now supports the following platforms: Android, IOS, Windows, and Mac4. Installing the instant messaging applications for these four operating systems will allow users to achieve the goal of instant messaging. For the time being, UChat does not support communication operations over the internet. Given that UChat’s initial development goal was not to create an office instant messaging application, the company has not yet made an application for the Linux operating system. 

Chat function for one-on-one communication 

Since the one-to-one chat function is the most frequently used instant messaging function. UChat has enhanced this function by including several main chat functions such as file transfer, voice sending, text sending, voice calling, video calling, and other features. 

File transfer can transfer text, word documents, graphics, photographs, PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, and compressed packages. 

Voice sending is similar to sending a voice message in that it allows the sender to record what they want to say through a mobile phone or microphone and then send it to the recipient. 

Voice calls and video calls are the same for mobile phone calls, but when made through the UChat instant messaging app, these two functions are entirely accessible. 

A one-to-many chat function is available (chat group) 

However, due to the lack of voice and video chat capabilities, users are limited in using UChat in the office and in games. UChat chat group functions include text chat, file transfer, and screenshot capabilities; however, there is no voice chat or video chat functionality. 

What is the best way to use the one-to-one chat feature? 

Invite a friend: Adding friends is only available on Android and IOS devices, and there are three ways to do so. 

If you already know someone’s UChat username or phone number, you can search for their username and phone number to locate and send them a friend request. 

Run the UChat client and click on “…” in the upper right corner > Add contacts > Search for a username or phone number in the contacts list. 

You can also choose to either show the QR code to the other party or ask the other party to show you the QR code, and you can then add new friends by just scanning a QR code with your mobile phone if the person wants to add friends is nearby. Steps: Launch the UChat client, select “…” in the upper right corner, then “Add contacts” > “My QR code” or “My email address.” Scan. 

Steps: Launch the UChat client, click on “…” in the upper right corner, then select “Add contacts” from the drop-down menu. Suppose the other party is already in your address book and the other party is also using UChat. In that case, you can use the third method to send a friend request to the other party by opening the address book directly through UChat and sending it to the other party. 

You can chat with your friends after you’ve added them to your list of acquaintances. 

Start the UChat application and select a friend. Type something into the input box and press the Publish button. The “+” sign in the lower-left corner of the chat interface can be used to access several different functions. Include a photo, shoot image, voice calling, video calling, location sharing, file and collection sharing, among other things. Chat emoticons, voice recording and sending, and voice recording and sending are all located in the lower right corner of the chat interface. 

What is the one-to-many chat function, and how does it work? 

You must first join or create a chat group, such as: Start the UChat application and select “…” in the upper right corner > New Group. Select a friend from your contact list > click on Next in the upper right corner > enter a group name and an updated image > click on Create to complete the process. After forming a chat group, you are free to express yourself. As the group owner, you can kick members out of the chat group, and members can only choose to leave the chat group if they wish to do so themselves. 

How do you kick people out of a group? 

Development in the future 

Over time, UChat will gradually improve group chat functionality, allowing it to be used more effectively in the workplace and during leisure activities such as video games.

Source: UChat

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