This year’s iPhone 14 versions rumours

This year’s iPhone 14 versions are rumored to include 120Hz screens and 6GB of RAM.

Although the iPhone 14 phones aren’t expected until September, leaks and rumors abound in the meantime. Now we’re hearing rumors that updates may be coming to all of the iPhone 14 versions.

According to MacRumors, a report from analyst Jeff Pu claims that every iPhone 14 model will have a 120Hz ProMotion display, a feature that is presently only available on the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max models.

Refresh rates can be modified based on what’s displayed on the screen at any given time thanks to ProMotion. The feature can also save battery life by lowering the refresh rate when viewing static information.

This year's iPhone 14 versions rumours

Increasing the amount of RAM available

According to the same research report, the two lowest iPhone 14 models will have 6GB of RAM instead of 4GB, which is what the iPhone 13 small and iPhone 13 have, respectively. The Pro models appear to be unaffected by this development.

Although this year’s iPhone line-up is expected to undergo some changes, there will still be two entry-level models and two higher-end Pro models — a larger iPhone 14 Max, an iPhone 14 Pro, and an iPhone 14 Pro Max. iPhone 14 Max effectively replaces the iPhone 13 mini in the lineup.

At least, that’s the rumor. In line with previous rumors, Pu anticipates a 48MP back camera sensor for the Pro and Pro Max variants. In addition to the increase in storage capacity, these versions could come standard with 256GB of storage instead of the current 128GB.

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