Types of Packing and Shipping Supplies

Types of Packing and Shipping Supplies

Are you thinking about shipping some valuable goods abroad but are too apprehensive that your package will incur some irreparable damage? That should be the least of your worries. There are a lot of different packing and shipping supplies available today that would assure you that even the most fragile shipment would get to its destination in one piece, without any chips or scratches. So whether your package is quite bulky, heavy or extremely delicate, you can certainly find some packing and shipping supplies that would best suit your need. To help you decide which would be the most suitable, here are a list of some commonly used packing and shipping supplies for you to choose from:

Corrugated Mailer

These are lightweight cardboard mailing boxes that are usually used to ship documents, books and even some shirts. You can significantly save on the postage costs since it is considerably lighter and can be locked and folded in seconds.

Bubble Mailers

This is one of the most common packing and shipping supplies that is used to pack small but delicate objects such as CD’s and DVD’s. This padded mailer provides maximum protection and can also be used to ship some very important documents since it doesn’t easily bend or crease its contents inside.

Stretch and Shrink Wraps

Stretch wraps are elastic plastic film covering that is usually used to secure or hold together a number of packages. You can see this type of material as the wrapper on pallets containing many boxes. The shrink wrap on the other hand is only applicable for one item packages, it makes a protective seal that would conform to the shape of the item you want to ship.

Insulated Containers

Among all the packing and shipping supplies, the insulated containers are the most appropriate one to choose when you are shipping some food or medicine products. The container would maintain the desired temperature to ensure that the items inside will not suffer any ill effects that would usually occur during shipments. However, the container is not advisable to be used on a long-term basis since it will not be able to prevent spoilage.

Bulk Cargo Containers

If you have a rather large item for shipment, there are actually about 700 different sizes of cargo containers available in the market or in your trusted shipping company. So whether you have a wide, or tall package to ship, you can be sure to find the right package case to measure up according to the specifications.

The above-mentioned packing and shipping supplies are just a few of the varieties that are available today. To further help you, ask assistance from the shipping company agent to you can be able to find the specific material for any of your shipment needs.

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