What’s The Difference Between Strapping Machines And Packing Machines?

What’s The Difference Between Strapping Machines And Packing Machines?

Strapping machines enable many items to be bundled securely together by way of a metal or plastic band. This band is then cinched tight by a ratcheting handle and kept in place by a metal buckle that’s applied by a special banding tool.

There are many companies that manufacture a variety of different types and styles of machines that perform basically the same function. Many companies use strapping machines to secure their products to transport pallets or crates as well as strapping many products together on their own, such as piping and metal rods.

The strapping machine works by pulling and fastening a band of metal or plastic around the products and keeping them immobile during transport. Whether it’s across town or around the globe, many companies rely on the strapping machine to get the products to market safely and securely. Some basic training is usually required to be able to strap and fasten products properly. Not performing the required steps in just the right order can make for a load that is loose and may shift. This will mean a dangerous load not only for the driver of the transport truck but also for the person unloading the products by forklift. If the strapping isn’t tight enough, it can slip off and the load can become very unstable and dangerous.

Packing machines are used to place products into packing boxes or crates to make them ready for transport to the market, or to the customer directly. Some packing machines utilize special electronic eyes that can actually sense when the product is within its range of movement and it will pick up the product and place it in the box or crate. Packing materials such as Styrofoam beads or peanuts are then poured in to provide a cushion against breakage and jarring during transport.

The packing machine also can close up and seal the box as well as place an inked stamp or label on the box in preparation for shipment. Some packing boxes and crates are strapped together on a pallet by way of a strapping machine before being moved into the back of a truck for transport. Some packing machines can even handle breakable items such as plates and ceramic tiles without damaging the products at all. This takes a specialized machine of course, which usually means that the machine will cost a lot. Many packing machines also weigh the product and case or box before shipping it out in order to calculate shipping or mail costs. This is usually all done by way of an onboard program within the machine that is connected to a computer. This program keeps track of all inventories in this way and can tell what products are on hand and which ones have been sent out of the warehouse to the customer.

There are probably packing machines at manufacturing companies that package up strapping machines for shipment, which seems a little redundant. Packing machines can make repetitive packaging jobs much easier to handle and keep track of for companies that specialize in this business.

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