Youtube is experiencing service interruptions

A YouTube spokesperson stated today that the site is experiencing a range of issues that are affecting users all over the world. The firm recognized that there were issues with the service when many customers reported error messages when attempting to watch videos or observed that various site elements were not available — such as the sidebar navigation or the Settings menus, for example — among other things.

Youtube is experiencing service interruptions

In addition, some users reported difficulties signing into their YouTube accounts or switching between personas. Others reported being unable to cast YouTube videos to their televisions or utilize the YouTube app on their gaming consoles, among other things.

Some users encountered an error message stating “No Internet Connection,” although they were not experiencing any other connectivity issues when attempting to play videos.

YouTube acknowledged the issues in a tweet and stated that it is trying to resolve them. The business also noted that the problems were not restricted to a specific geographic region but were global in scope and occurred “across a variety of devices.”

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